FreshGrids Tour

1. Set up schedules

Configure or update your schedule. Start with a blank schedule or use one of our managed base schedules. If you have multiple schedules, you can even base your schedules off of yours—perfect if you have a network feed with local programming overrides.

2. Create your widgets

Set up your widgets you want to insert into your website. Chose from a Full Schedule, Mini Schedule, and Now Playing widgets. Mix and match to your heart's desire! They're all tied back to your schedule.

3. Insert the code

Insert the Header Code and Javascript Code for each widget into your web pages. Your widgets will come to life! (Learn more about browser compatibility.)

4. Keep it up to date

When you need to make updates to your schedule, it's a snap! Log in to your FreshGrids account, update your schedule, and your widgets automatically update! No need to re-insert the code. If your schedule uses a managed base schedule, updates to that will automatically update yours!

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